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FrontierVille Gingerbread House changed – CityVille cross-promo removed

If you’re one of the many FrontierVille players that are struggling to finish your Gingerbread House (either the first or the second time), due to a glitch with the CityVille cross promotion that doesn’t give you a Chocolate Bar in FrontierVille after finishing the branded CityVille mission, you’ll be happy to know that Zynga has listened to your concerns and has removed the CityVille cross-promotion from the Gingerbread House in FrontierVille altogether.

Whether you’re on your first or second go around with the Gingerbread House, there are now just two cross-promotional activities that you’ll need to take part in: one for Mafia Wars and one for Treasure Isle.

 To earn the Chocolate Bars, you’ll now have to simply click on the “Ask for More” button from within the Gingerbread House’s menu. This will allow you to post a news item to your wall, asking friends to send you a Chocolate Bar.

 This is a “Give one, get one” situation, so your friends will earn a Chocolate Bar in return, if they help you out.
The rest of the Gingerbread House building requirements remain unchanged, but as the cross-promotional links have now been fixed, this is one feature that now looks to be running fairly smoothly, all things considered.

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