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New FarmVille Fun Facts Cheats

 New FarmVille Fun Facts Cheats

If you are a FarmVille addict, you would be interested to learn a few fun facts about this game. It is a highly addictive game for people of all ages. It has quickly become the most popular game on Facebook; no other game in the history of the social networking site comes close.

There are at least a whopping 82 million people playing FarmVille across the globe. This is more than the number of people using  Twitter. Crazy isn’t it?

The creator of FarmVille Mark Skaggs states that if you lined up all of the users of the game shoulder to shoulder, they would go from San Francisco to New York City 3 and a half times.

FarmVille was made in a short 37 days (5 weeks). FarmVille players severely outnumber real life farmers by a ratio of 60:1. Ironically, a lot of the real life farmers are FarmVille players as well according to the New York Times.

There is a Facebook group that has devoted themselves to being FarmVille haters. I know it doesn’t seem possible, but they have 17,000 members. There are two real towns with the same name as the virtual one. There is a FarmVille, Virginia and a FarmVille, North Carolina.

Believe it or not, games like FarmVille are quite profitable. This year almost $1 billion will be spent on things like seeds or fuel. People buy around 5,000 tractors every day on the game. The number one tractor manufacturer in the US, John Deere only sells about 5,000 a year. During September 2009, the sale of sweet potato seeds produced $150,000 a week for the Haiti relief fund. The sales only contributed half to the charity, which shows just how many people bought seeds in support of Haiti. Tht’s a lot of money!

You can arrange your crops to look literally like a work of art. There is a website devoted to FarmVille art. It features a complete Simpson’s family, a Mona Lisa, and more.
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