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New How to Get Extra Fuel For Your FarmVille Machines

 New How to Get Extra Fuel For Your FarmVille Machines

Do you need extra fuel for your plow, tractor, or planter?
Just like in the real world, fuel in the FarmVille is a needed and desired commodity. Fuel is required power plows, seeders, and harvesters that have become essential for speedy and efficient planting and harvesting of all crops.
Originally, fuel could only be purchased with farm cash, or your fuel tanks renewed in a reasonably short time. However, I am sure you have noticed a couple of changes to the game.
  • Fuel regenerates slower
  • Regen speed is proportional to how many plots you have
  • You can now obtain fuel at random times during play
Fuel Is Hiding in Your Farm

Yes, as I mentioned above you can now find fuel on your own farm and you may have already found some while you were plowing your fields. Just make a habit of doing the following:
  • Plow your fields every day
  • Make sure you post any free fuel you get to your profile so that your friends can get what you got too
  • Visit your friend’s posts and profiles and grab their extra fuel (same as above)
  • Check often because postings for extra fuel disappear after 24 hours or so
Fertilizing Your Neighbors For Fuel

Fertilizing your neighbor’s farm is another way of gaining free fuel however you may need to visit a few friends before you actually find any. It appears to be very random and I have yet to find any logic or able to predict when I will find the fuel.
However, by fertilizing a few friends’ crops every day is a good way of getting extra fuel so you can harvest a few rows on your farm.
Currently you will only get fuel once a day from fertilizing your neighbor’s farm.

Fuel Up With Mystery Boxes

Well you know mystery boxes are called that for a reason, and among all the animals, trees etc you will find a tank of fuel, so be nice and send mystery gifts to your neighbors. Make sure you open the mystery boxes from your neighbors and if you are lucky, you will find a box with fuel a couple of times a week.

Fuel For The Holidays

We all love the holiday gifts and it is a great time to collect gas refills.
Christmas: If your Christmas tree was overflowing, I am sure you found a nice stash of fuel when you opened your presents on Christmas Eve. You may find that on other holidays your chances of receiving a fuel gift have reduced. This is because the gifts were for items instead of gifts that were to be opened.
Here is a gifting trick that might help you gain more fuel of the holidays. Your neighbors get an option when they open their holiday collection baskets to ask you for more holiday gift items. Among the souvenirs you can send them are partial tanks of fuel. Of course, you want your friends to do the same for you.

Buying Fuel At The FarmVille Market

This is by far the quickest and easiest way to get the precious fuel for your plows, seeders, and harvesters. However it is also the most expensive way as you are either going to have to spend real cash or have earned it by leveling up.
Currently fuel cost between three farm cash to 65 farm cash.

Store Your FarmVille Fuel

If you have enough game time to harvest without using your machinery then still gather the available fuel and store it. That way when you are in a hurry and only have a short playtime to harvest your plots you can bring out the heavy machinery.
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