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Facebook games New Social Games 2012

Facebook games, or social games are sort of like the flash games that are played online by over years. In 2011, Facebook games have become new Gaming Trends. Below are some new Facebook Games that are released in 2011. We will keep this top social games list updated.

Facebook games New Social Games 2012

Wild West Town

In Wild West Town you’ll step off the train into your very own piece of the Old West! Build your town from nothing into a thriving western settlement, with new folk arriving every day, each with their own story to tell!

Buddy Rush

Buddy Rush is a cross-platform, single-player, action role-playing game (RPG) developed for Facebook. Connect with your Facebook account and play through your internet browser or on your iPhone and/or iPod touch (coming soon iPad).You’ll adventure through a beautifully rendered 3D world, taking along buddies that aren’t just generic NPCs – they’re computer-controlled characters that your Facebook Friends have created!Earn experience points for Buddies just for bringing them along on Missions, and earn experience points for your own character just for getting taken along in your friends’ own adventures!


Don’t Check In, Take Over! In Facebook game eVille you can become the most feared evil genius in the world in a location-based game by extrafeet where you can build your evil empire, collect rare treasures, fight other players, and control your local hangouts.

Monster Story

Monster Story is an arcade adventure facebook game that takes you through a stunning fantasy world in peril. Become a hero, make friends, battle monsters, acquire valuable equipment to customize your character, collect, raise and evolve rare and unique pets and forge your own Monster Story! Play Now!

Starship Command

Starship Command lets you build and command the most powerful starship and fighter fleet in the galaxy. You are Earth’s Last Defense… or Zigon’s Last Hope!

Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego is back and she’s on Facebook. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? brings the globe trotting villainess to the world’s biggest social network, and based on our early time spent with the game it looks like it was a trip well worth it.

Crazy Boat

In Crazy Boat, the PACIFIC TRASH VORTEX has reached critical mass, launching a new age of seafaring entrepreneurship to clean it up. But it’s having strange effects on the nearby seas…
Mystery awaits you in the VORTEX…ancient lore, giant squids, and untold secrets might be found during this curious adventure. Collect trash and clean the VORTEX!

Man your ships with facebook friends to navigate the open seas. Pursue victory besides the most clever, daring and charming of your friends. With the right crew, anything is possible in Crazy Boat.

Doomsday Defense

In Doomsday Defense get for some seriously explosive fun! Build towers, wipe out monsters, join forces with friends and plunder enemy players. Doomsday Defense combines all the best features of tower defense games to create an experience where the excitement never ends! Humans, Demons and Spirits – whose world will you protect?

Pawn Stars: The Game

In Pawn Stars: The Game, you can build your own pawn empire from the ground up. Haggle with customers to acquire inventory, consult with experts to determine market value and sell items for a profit. Upgrade your store to accommodate more inventory, clean up items for increased profits and rise to the height of Pawn Stardom.

Battle Pirates

In Battle Pirates you can command fleets, build your base and battle other players on the high seas!


In Bruisers, see if you can match wits with your friends in this real-time battle royale. Bruisers is a turn based strategy war game that faces off two of history’s deadliest assassins; Pirates and Ninjas. Equip your men with the best weapons, ally yourself with friends, and build your stats in order to have the biggest, baddest team in the land.

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