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Facebook Games in 2012 new monster galaxy

Are you looking for best Facebook games released or to be released in 2011? Here we just picked some games that may help you know the latest most popular social games on Facebook.

Monster Galaxy

Ever scared at the monsters behind the door? Well, in ‘Monster Galaxy’, you can be assured that you will see none of those frightening things but just fun creatures. The games is a new Facebook role-playing game, where monsters are called ‘Mogas’, you need to fight against them to save the world. Fancy becoming the savior? You got it.

Miscrits: World of Adventure

You will be totally allured by the natural and magical graphics of this new Facebook social game. The Miscria island, with various amazing creatures, is the main site of your battles against the monsters out there. Basically, you group your friends and do the tasks together throughout the whole adventure on the island. Good luck.

City of Wonder

City of Wonder is a new online strategy game available on Facebook.com platform. In the virtual city life, players can build and expand their own city, while attracted by the humorous comic style of artwork design. Also, the game offers users excellent experiences of the most realistic civilization on Facebook. Go build your own empire in ‘City of Wonder’!

CSI: Crime City

Anyone who is addicted to the TV play ‘CSI’ can never miss the game! ‘CSI: Crime City’ offers you a most virtual experience of investigating the crimes and uncovering the murder mysteries, such as doing researches in the lab and search for evidences. This game is available on Facebook.com, which enables you to play it with your friends.


Like other building type games, ‘CityVille’ is a new flash online game on Facebook.com platform. Users can build the city of their dreams, of course, with their friends together. The graphics of comic style are terrific. In short, it’s an excellent game to kill time.

Kingdoms of Camelot

‘Kingdoms of Camelot’ is a new social role-playing game which users can play with their friends on Facebook.com. You are the mighty lord or lady in Camelot, and what you have to do is group your alliances the more the better in order to win every battle and expand your own Kingdom. Don’t hesitate anymore, log on Facebook.com and enjoy yourselves!

Ravenwood Fair

Ravenwood Fair is designed for anyone who is so into creating a beautiful home in the forests aw well as build a wonderful fair. Available on Facebook.com, you can invite your friends in this game and receive your various kinds of visitors who come to your fair. Amazing game, isn’t it.


The new Facebook game ‘BRAAAINS’ is totally designed for the Halloween season, users who love zombie role-playing games must have a try on this one. You decide your zombie’s looks, weapons, clothes, and the level-ups. Then, a fight between players’ zombies begins. To have a complete victory, you need to study the strategy and some tips.

Miscrits: World of Adventure

A world of magical creatures, a world of hilarious stories, and a World of exciting Adventures, Miscrits lead you into exactly the place where all the greatest social funs assemble. Hop in with your biggest Tamers’ knack, best questing companies and most of all, the lightest spirits ever to together make a difference to this amazing Facebook fantasy world, will you?

Happy Baby

Simple, lovely, intriguing and interactive, these are the first words popping into my mind if I am asked a piece of mind about Happy Baby, the rare Chinese pet-raising casual title on Facebook. It is a cute game with a lot of great stuffs to do. Once immersed in, you will feel how the Boyya folks never run short of amazing whims!

Social Empires

Pretty soon, Facebook will get thronged with talented architects, smart economy-planners, hardworking minders and brave fighters. Out of all these capable and ambitious souls, who will take the chair building Social Empires, the grandest city-nurturing project, and finally get to be the greatest ruler of this incredible fantasy land? Well, that’s something we all wait for YOU to nail down, bro!


EasyMode’s online gift to kids around the globe, PlayGarden promises interesting mini-games, inspiring in-game activities, awesome hangouts and many other social funs which will amaze both children and parents. Any time, any where, with a clicking mouse in hand, you can totally free your imagination to create a most beautiful PlayGarden not only for yourself, but also for little buddies from across the world!

Civilization World

A glimpse into the very jewels of civilization, a journey to re-chart the zigzagging course of history, and a quest to conquer the greatest empires ever existed, Civilization World, Sid Meier‘s latest Facebook MMO is about all, and perhaps more…Make as big waves as possible to whip up huge and exciting changes to the long cut-and-dried textbook of human history, will you, man?

Fortune League

The showdown between justice and evil, the duel between man kinds and monsters, whatever it is about, Fortune League would be all on! Armors have been glistened, guns loaded, and alliances forged, anytime you want the battle on, just call for it, and hordes of followers will make their way on team for thrilling quests, mass killings and of course, alluring rewards!

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