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Facebook Social Games BearVille

Facebook Social Games BearVille

Welcome to our happy Ville, you fluffy! Chubby, cuddly and clumsy, we got every cute little quality you‘d expect from your bedside teddy bear. But if there is any reason you give us the hug instead, it is all because we are much funnier, smarter, and could be more than a handful if challenged!
But don’t take me wrong, anyway. For your record, we don’t bite. Apart from some giggling pranks at times, what we do everyday is to make your life oozing with FUN! Playing awesome mini-games, cracking enchanting riddles or hanging out with cool guys, anything up on your wish list, as long as you dare to fancy, we take care to make it REAL!

FIY, we got a big family here in BearVille and don’t ever get too carried away if you bump into any during the amazing tour. Some of them are fairly nice, showing up with tips every time you get stuck in the trip; some are quite aggressive, pitting against everybody they meet along the way in rat races; some could be a bit cunning and would make things tougher if you fail to caterer to their pleasure; As for the rest, Gee, I hope you could skip on them, cause once confronted, they gonna be a real pain around your neck!

This being said, kids, I promise, there is nothing really to be afraid of, but instead a whole lot of things to feel excited about! The gaming part is indeed a cinch. Whether it is for color-shooting, bubble-crashing or jigsaw-puzzling, most of the times, you easily got the upper hand over our fuzzy buddies. As for our prickly brothers who stumble forward to screw things up, a simple click on the mouse, then they would go all crashing into each and getting stricken out of the game in hordes!

In case you don’t know, we always love to make our family bigger. Anywhere, anytime, BearVille is ready to share the fun, and not only with kids. Adults who also wonna join in the merriness could expect a ‘bear hug’ from every one of us! Would you breeze through all the interesting challenges to unravel the ultimate mystery of our big fantasy world? Don’t talk big, man!


BearVille, MiniMax’s new Facebook brain teaser, allows you an easy, joyous, and no less exciting time together with great pals around the world!

The game play is addictive, interactive and open for updates. Any other new fun you think will make our BearVille more amazing, we are all ears on it!

It is creativity that makes BearVille what it is. Let fly imagination to bent or even set up new rules to make the games funnier, easier or tougher as you see fit!

Get down setting up your own ‘fluffy’ paradise of fun right now!
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