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Facebook Social Games Farmandia

You couldn’t deny that around us, things are indeed going at a wilder pace no matter in reality or the virtual world, and from time to time, every body needs to ‘downshift’ a bit from the commuting rush hours or the energy-killing fighting craziness. To allow life an extra point of ease, you don’t have to squeeze schedules for a leisurely country-side trip or spend quite some time doing garden chores in order to smell the rose. There is actually simpler way out. And for most of us, we choose to really cozy up to Nature in Farmandia!

Having a rough day in office? Choked by home assignment at school? Now, anytime and anywhere, you could leave all these nagging things behind to get a ‘pick-me-up’ from the genial sunshine, soft breeze, sweeping green farmland, dewy orchard, cute animals and many other eye candies that Farmandia couldn’t be more glad to offer.

Wonna to stretch bodies a little bit? Farmandia surprises you with more than drunken sceneries. Lots of amazing farming, poultry-raising and building jobs will make you full of beans all day long. Plant exactly what you fancy and wait to be overjoyed by the great variety of dishes on your table. Make friends with chickens, ducks or donkeys to feel up the delight of care-giving. DIY your own little hut, woodshed and tool cabin, decorate them with natural accessories or hand-made crafts, and invite neighbors over for a great tea time. In Farmandia, you live exactly the kind of life you make out of desire!

Hope for more spice into the tranquility? Then CREATE them with nothing but sheer imagination. Unicorns can races with other horses in your stable. Peacock may show off beauties in front of other fowls. Santa could fall through your chimney with loads of gifts on back. Holocaust deities would also be happy to make it to your harvesting parties. In Farmandia, you live exactly the dream you weave out of fantasy!

Feel a bit lonely and wonna some social fun? All neighbors around are gleeful to anytime make a merry crowd for dancing, singing and simply some catching-ups at your place. Come up with more great ideas for the local festival calendar and make it an annual, monthly or daily thing if you like. In Farmandia, you live with exactly the kind of folks you fancy for bonding.


Farmandia, the latest Facebook farming hit, stands a great chance to bring new lights to the genre and make Farmville and its kind simply something of history.
Comforting graphics, ease-filled content and simple gaming mechanics allows Famandia more than a cut above the average.

Get off your fancy modern-city vehicles, take the plainer Farmandia, and let’s all head back to Nature, back to 

Updates: Bigpoint also had three casual games in its potfolio including Zoomumba, ramacity and PonyRama
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