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New FarmVille Neighbours – Get A Tornado Amount Neighbours

 New FarmVille Neighbours – Get A Tornado Amount Neighbours

Obtaining FarmVille Neighbours is critical to advancing throughout the game. You can obtain most things through the normal progression of the game but it’s a lot more difficult and annoying. You either have to pays lots of FVcash which are hard to get or you can get a couple more neighbors and a ton of coins, which are a lot easier for you to get your hands on.Are you finding it hard to get the FarmVille Neighbours you need to get all of the things you want? I know it was for me. Until I discovered how to get more of them, this game was a lot harder. I wanted more land and I just didn’t have enough to be able to move up.

I couldn’t level fast enough to get all the FV bucks I needed to buy land that way either and I certainly wasn’t in hell going to pay for them. It’s a never-ending, increasing circle. The more land you have, the more FV coins and XP points you are going to make, and hence the faster you level up and so on and so forth.
Without extra land it can take ages to level up which is very frustrating especially when you see your friends shooting up through the levels leaving you the dust.
Getting FV neighbours.

Here are 2 ways for you get a whole lot of Farmville neighbors and do some much needed catch up.
Ask every one of your Facebook friends to jump in. I don’t just mean send out a request and leave it at that. When you see them online chat to them and ask them to start a game up and accept your request. Even if they never start the game again it doesn’t matter it’s another FarmVille Neighbour on your list and that is all we really need.

Visit the FarmVille Facebook Fan Page. There are loads of people on there looking for FarmVille Neighbours, you need to accept them as a friend for this technique so it’s not for everyone. Remember once you’ve accepted them as a friend they’ll see all of your profile and Facebook posts just like everyone else.
They’ll help you get more land so you can grow more crops and collect more FV coins and XP points to level up and collect more FV dollars.
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