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New How to Find People in Farmville – The Secrets Revealed

 New How to Find People in Farmville – The Secrets Revealed
FarmVille is a fun game when you get your buddies involved. They can tend to your farm while you’re away, and they can also gift you lots of stuff that help you level a bit more easily. However, when you first start out, you may find yourself wondering how to locate people in FarmVille. It can be a pretty vast world when you start adding people who may not necessarily be your friends in real life. You may also be confused and concerned when you’ve exhausted your list of family and friends, but still need more neighbors in order to unlock certain things. Here, then, is a brief guide on how to get more people in FarmVille. Check Your Page The first thing you want to do is check who is and who isn’t on your neighbor buddy list. You can usually tell by whether or not they appear in the bar down at the bottom listing of your neighbors. If you have a lot of neighbors, you may have to scroll using hte built in game arrows and mouse. Failing that someone in particular is not on your neighbor list on the main game screen, you’ll want to check the neighbors tab. This will list all your friends who are neighbors, and will also show you which neighbor requests are still pending. If you have a few requests that are still pending, you may want to send that person a reminder. However, don’t do this too often, or they may get irritated with you and think you’re spamming them to hell. If a certain someone you’re looking for is no longer on your neighbors list and you know they were before, don’t panic. This could be a minor hiccup in the game. Or, this friend may have uninstalled the app and stopped playing for any reason, which is very common (peple hate the Farmville spam from all the notifications). Branching Out If you are completely out of your initial list of friends and family with requests to be your FarmVille neighbor, what do you do? It is time to branch out and expand your search. There are a number of ways in which to do this. You can start with Facebook fan pages and groups. You will have to add people to your friends list in order for them to request you as a neighbor, but don’t worry, this is an incredibly simple task. If you’re worried about your privacy, Facebook also offers customizable lists so you can lock down photo albums and status updates to certain groups of friends. However, everyone you may add on Facebook that isn’t your friend in real life is relatively harmless and will usually only be after you for the FarmVille-related favors. There are also countless internet forums that are dedicated to online gaming. You can find plenty of free sites that won’t require a thing from you except that you sign up for an account to post on the forums. FarmVille even has their own set of dedicated forums. Here, you can join up and chat with other FarmVille players while seeking out new neighbors. Generally, there will be a special section of the forum for add requests, so be sure to read over the forum rules and regulations so people don’t think you’re a troll and get banned on the forums. Be Kind and Courteous When you’re seeking out new neighbors, be sure that you don’t overload people with add requests to be your neighbor. People who do not accept right away are not doing it just to spite you or because they don’t like you. They may simply not want to play the game. Which is fine – you’ll just have to find more neighbors elsewhere. And with the vast array of places available to find people in FarmVille? It should not be too difficult a task. Always be on the lookout for new neighbors, though. There are many things in FarmVille that you are not able to do or buy with your coins until you have reached a certain number of neighbors. Leveling up and achieving certain ribbons is also in some parts dictated by how many neighbors you have. So just as much as you are benefiting by adding more neighbors, your neighbors are also benefiting by adding you to their FarmVille neighbor list. The process of how to find people in FarmVille is not difficult, and can be quite fun when you get further into it. Once you have gotten all your friends and family addicted to the game, don’t forget to branch out and continue seeking out neighbors in various places around the internet. It is not as difficult as it may seem and can even become a fun way to meet new people who share at least one thing in common with you. You may even wind up making a new friend to chat with on occassion.
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