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New FarmVille Tips and Guides For Free?

 New FarmVille Tips and Guides For Free?
FarmVille has become one of the most popular games on the internet. FarmVille is one of the games that you can access for free on face book and MySpace. FarmVille now has an estimated 70 million players worldwide and this has lead to thousands of FarmVille tips websites being created on the internet.
The main aim of the game is to set up and run your own online farm. To get access to better crops and higher yielding crops in general you have to reach the higher levels of the game. This is known as leveling up, the quicker you level up the better.
You level up by a combination of earning FarmVille coins and experience points. There are many ways to do this such as planting and harvesting crops and keeping animals. There is however a bit more planning needed to maximize the speed at which you level up though.
This has lead to a host of FarmVille guides being sold on the internet ranging from $19 – $27 as well as codes to run on your Facebook site. These codes are considered illegal by Facebook and if caught using one you could have your whole Facebook site blocked.
The so called FarmVille guides will help you to level up quicker but to be honest most of what is contained in them is available free on the internet. The only problem is that you will not know if you have found everything contained within the FarmVille guides unless you have one to compare against.
The other problem is that although all the information they will show you is available on the internet the time you would spend finding all the tips, tricks and planting guides could run in to days, weeks or even months of searching.
The FarmVille guides do provide a good service in that they will save you a lot of wasted time, but do you really want to part with you money to be shown how to win at FarmVille? The clever FarmVille players will already know where to find the hidden gems of complete and free FarmVille guides on the internet.
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