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Facebook Social Games Chronicles of Herenvale

Social Games Chronicles of Herenvale

Chronicles of Herenvale is a new text-based role playing game released on Facebook by Mososh Inc. As the game is text-based, it requires a lot of reading and clicking that inevitably slows the pace of the game down. This doesn’t necessarily make the game good or bad, so let’s jump in and check out the game play.

While some of the more popular Facebook games, such as Farmville and Restaurant city feature cute and cartoon style graphics, the graphics in Chronicles of Herenvale are, to sum up, nothing short of spectacular. On the other hand, this isn’t utilised fully.

 Enemies that you encounter are depicted by a small icon, whilst what the player mostly sees is the background picture of a foggy landscape. Couple that with the constant requirement of reading and this makes Chronicles of Herenvale unsuitable for children. Whilst a recent review found that females make up the majority of social game players, the theme of this game looks set to rule them out also.

The background story of the game is weak, and the game throws you straight into action without explaining too much to the player. Background stories do not make or break a game, but a good storyline can keep the player interested and entertained. One of the first things players can do is complete the first set of quests. 

During quests, not much attention is needed by the player, randomly clicking the location icons and the attack button and many ‘victory’ messages will appear on your screen. The social aspect and only real fun lies in the raids, where you must gather your friends, or ‘allies’, to defeat a boss. Raids can only be performed with allies as the bosses are exceedingly tough, and victory will bring you many different items and rewards.

Whilst the substance of the game is there, it can be polished and improved in many ways to make it more fun than it currently is. The quest interface must be improved, as currently, the background and world map is more visible than the actual battles themselves. The lines and lines of text makes the game bland, and if there was a way of actually integrating the player to the story more, this game can definitely be one of the top titles released on Facebook this year.
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